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CUMMINS Diesel Engine For Generator Set Application
Integrated buiding block system structural put engine contains up to 25% fewer parts than competitive engines in its class, ensure design intensity to through strict basis of test experiment, reduce the size of parts reasonable, not only to erduce the size and weight of diesel, but also bring down the failure rate and maintenance costs.Put turbocharged and turbocharged with aftercooled as major products to improve the dynamic character and economical efficiency.Efficient fuel supply system and air intake system put fuel and air mixed fuller, burning totally and lower discharge of pollutants.
Engine Model Displacement Cylinders Rated Power
(At 50Hz)
Rated Power
(At 60Hz)
4B3.9-G 3.9 4 24KW 27KW Natural
4BT3.9-G 3.9 4 36KW 40KW Turbocharged
4BTA3.9-G 3.9 4 50KW 60KW Watercooled
6BT5.9-G 5.9 6 92KW 100KW Turbocharged
6BTA5.9-G 5.9 6 110KW 120KW Watercooled
6BTAA5.9-G 5.9 6 120KW 130KW Watercooled
6CT8.3-G2 8.3 6 133KW 145KW Turbocharged
6CTA8.3-G2 8.3 6 163KW 175KW Watercooled
6CTAA8.3-G2 8.3 6 183KW 200KW Air-air Cooled
6LTAA8.9-G 8.9 6 220KW 240KW Turbocharged
& Air-Air Aftercooled

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