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FD POWER Generating Sets

FDW-4DW Series Diesel Engine For Agriculture Application
Engine Model Cylinder Displacement Advertised Power
Max Torque/
Certification Aspiration
FDW-4DW63 4 2.545L 46/3200 155/2000~2200 EURO�?/td> Naturally Intake
FDW-4DW50 4 2.156L 37/3200 127/2000~2200 EURO�?/td> Naturally Intake
FDW-4DW49 4 2.27L 36/3000 132/2000~2200 EURO�?/td> Naturally Intake
FDW-4DW46 4 2.27L 34/3000 124/2000~2200 EURO�?/td> Naturally Intake
FDW-4DW73 4 2.54L 54/3200 188/2000~2200 EURO�?/td> Turbocharged
FDW-4DW62 4 2.16L 46/3200 168/2000~2200 EURO�?/td> Turbocharged
FDW-4DW84 4 2.54L 62/3000 220/1800~2100 EURO�?/td> Turbocharged
& Aftercooled
FDW-4DW82 4 2.156L 54/3000 200/1800~2100 EURO�?/td> Turbocharged
& Aftercooled

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